A Race Between our Brain and our Body

Medical research supports both brain exercise and body exercise for our health.  Given the quest for deeper understanding researchers next wondered if the brain or the body led the way in staying healthy.  Boris Cheval et al published their attempt to determine the race between brain and body in Health Psychology.

By monitoring cognitive function and physical activity in a European group from age 50 to 90, they hoped to see which led the way.  They used a variety of statistical models to conclude that cognitive capacity was the primary driver.  This means that by keeping cognitive functions sharp with practice, one is more likely to keep up with physical health.

A functional MD like myself would add this… why choose?  Make sure you are getting exercise for both your brain and your body.  Read a challenging book, learn a new language, play Scrabble.  Go for a walk, turn off the TV, play with your kids in the back yard.  The chances that you will live a healthier more abundant life increases as you engage in both cognitive exercise and physical exercise.


Original Article:

Boris Cheval, Dan Orsholits, Stefan Sieber, Delphine Courvoisier, Stéphane Cullati, Matthieu P. Boisgontier. Relationship between decline in cognitive resources and physical activity.. Health Psychology, 2020; DOI: 10.1037/hea0000857

Thanks To Science Daily:

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