Faithfulness to First Loves

Faithfulness to First Loves

Proverbs 5:15-23

The betrayal of first loves is deepest of all.  We have read last week of the consequences of betrayal. We read here of the commanded actions towards one’s wife of their youth.

Drink from her and do not share with others.  Delight in her and enjoy the blessings of her love.  Do not turn your love towards others.

God’s looks down on faithfulness and unfaithfulness.  One brings inherent reward and the other brings condemnation.

These deep iniquities ensnare the wicked and will not end with this betrayal.  The cords of sin will ensnare the whole of his life.  Without discipline at the core, his life will die in folly.

We should look to our lives and see where betrayal has taken root at any and every level.  Don’t let this root continue in your life.  Pull it out.

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