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We love to hear from our patients. Here is a Google review we recently received. We are very thankful for the thoughts shared in this review. Shared with permission: 


This is a long review….. but it’s important, so please bear with me! I’ve been a patient of Sanctuary Functional Medicine since earlier this year. I came to them for help with food allergies/intolerances, chronic hives, digestive issues, headaches, fatigue, brain fog and depression. Due to my own research, I suspected leaky gut and also wanted to get tested for heavy metals and parasites. I asked several doctors in Nashville and none offered the tests I was seeking. That led me to Dr. Eric Potter & his team for help.

My first visit with them was SO thorough – it lasted 90 minutes and we went through my entire health history (literally from birth to the present day). Functional medicine is about finding the ROOT cause of illness, and that’s exactly what they have done for me. Through various tests, we found that I do have leaky gut, and do in fact have heavy metal toxicity (tin, of all things) as well as a parasite.

We also uncovered various vitamin & mineral deficiencies, an underactive thyroid, over-taxed adrenals & more. It has been so satisfying to have an actual diagnosis for once! To fix all these things, I’ve been following a protocol that involves stress reduction & management, nutrition, supplements, and more. It’s not easy, and takes work & commitment on my end. It’s also not an overnight fix; it takes time for bodily systems to heal. I’m halfway through my treatment cycle and had a recent check in with Dr. Potter to make adjustments to my treatment plan and map out the next three months.

I’ve been REALLY impressed by this practice – the way it’s organized, the way they listen to you & work as a partner in your health journey, their efficiency in dealing with day-to-day operations & patients (which can’t be easy in a rapidly growing practice). If you compare how they treat you vs. how a conventional doctor treats you, it’s night & day. Is it expensive? Yes. Is it worth it? YES. It’s an investment in your long term health. And like so many other things in life…..you get what you pay for.

If you’ve ever dealt with a chronic illness, or watched someone you love feel terrible day in & day out, or have been failed by the prescription drug, Band-Aid approach of traditional medicine, you know you can’t put a price tag on your health. They do offer payment plans to make it more affordable for people and they do everything they can to reduce the costs of lab work and supplements.

From what I can tell, they’re doing the absolute best they can to work around the broken American health system, give patients the treatments they really need to improve their health, and run a business to support their own families. It can’t be easy to balance all of that, so my advice is to take any 1-star reviews you see with the tiniest grain of salt.

With Dr. Potter & his team on my side, I’m finally starting to feel better and I feel really optimistic about the future! And in case you couldn’t tell, I sincerely believe in this practice and wholeheartedly recommend them.

Sanctuary Functional Medicine, under the direction of Dr Eric Potter, IFMCP MD, provides functional medicine services to Nashville, Middle Tennessee and beyond. We frequently treat patients from Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, and more... offering the hope of healthier more abundant lives to those with chronic illness.

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