Mold and Co-Morbidities… The “Friends” – Stressors

We are thrilled to share our new Sanctuary Mold Guide: A Primer with those who are suffering from mold toxicity. While the full guide is available on its own website or to our patients (extended version), you can read a portion here.  We hope this work contributes to your living a healthier more abundant life.

Physical and psychosocial stressors also contribute to a patient’s symptoms.  Head trauma can initiate chronic inflammatory changes similar to those mold or other toxins produce.  Emotional abuse and neglect from childhood or adulthood both set individuals up for PTSD, anxiety, and depression.  The same limbic system which is over stimulated by mold toxins becomes over-stimulated by such social factors.  Any of these stressors may alter cortisol balance, trigger leaky gut, and more.  Mold toxicity with any number of these factors creates challenging diagnostic and treatment procedures but expertise and patience can yield the long sought after restoration.

Go see the full guide here or stay tuned next week for another excerpt from the Mold Guide! 

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