Learn From Those You Trust

Proverbs 3:11-12

Learn From Those You Trust

We are taught from birth to develop independence and autonomous strength.  Like many of the world’s “truths”, it resounds a hollow echo as a half-truth.  Yes, we should learn responsibility for our own well-being.  Yes, we should avoid inordinate dependence on others for our needs.  Yet… no matter our age, in order to learn we must have someone from whom we learn.  Someone must impart a portion of their insight and wisdom and we must receive it.

We do not enter the world fully endowed with all knowledge, skill, and wisdom that we need for flourishing.  We require a great deal of growth both physically and intellectually, but also morally. In all three realms, we must be ready for reproof when we are wrong, when we fall short of the mark.  We need those whom we find trustworthy to speak into our lives at those times and to redirect us.

If we know such a trustworthy individual who possesses great knowledge or wisdom than we do, we should receive with gratitude such reproof.  It is a gift, whether from a parent, a mentor, or true friend.  With this practice we can grow ourselves and also share that with others.

I pray that each of you acquires numerous sources of such wisdom, especially a relationship with the heavenly father who fulfills the qualifications thoroughly.  God, our Father, if we have a relationship with Him through Christ, stands trustworthy, ready to instruct.  His correction and reproof surpasses all others in value.  As all good things come from Him, even that which mankind offers in counsel or reproof ultimately find their original source in Him.

Do not turn your self away from such a blessed fountain when God disciplines.

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