Psalm 91 and COVID 19

Psalm 91 and COVID 19
Verses 5 and 6
   God is not afraid of COVID 19 and neither should we be afraid.  God has a plan for us from eternity past and nothing in heaven or on earth can hinder His plan. In fact, whether it involves the intent of our mortal enemy or the most evil of all worldly viruses, God uses all things to work together for the good of those who love Him.  Therefore the pestilence of a COVID 19 and the world’s response to it can still bless Christ’s church as we walk in faith.
   Therefore we should neither cower in fear nor repose passively in the midst of the present darkness. We are a people called to act in faith.  We, like the Israelites, are sent into the battle, knowing that when we are with God, then He is present to work for His children.  We must march into the battle’s storm with a banner of truth pointing to God.  That truth, whether regarding scientific truth about COVID or political truth about freedom or spiritual truth about who to trust, deserves our commitment and effort.
   As George Whitfield once said, “We are immortal until our work on earth is done.”  We should live as if we believe the God who determines our entire lives is still in control in 2020 as He was in 2019 and every year prior.
In peace, Amen.

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    Thank you for another succinct, accurately Biblical post that points to God’s sovereignty over all things. Your assessment of the spiritual battle that we are in is so true and sadly lacking in many messages being heard from pulpits.

    1. Dr. Potter
      Dr. Potter

      Not aware. Just FYI, we can do telemedicine if patient make first visit in person to office.
      Dr. Potter

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    Debra Herrington

    Can you treat biofilms due to enterococcus faecalis,and klebsiella pneumonaie?I am on a roller coaster of antibiotics that seem to be futile.

    1. Dr. Potter
      Dr. Potter

      From Dr. Potter: Biofilms from various microbes can be treated with different therapies, somewhat based on where they are located.

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