“Seven Favorite Health Stories”

Day of 7 of “The 12 Days of a Sanctuary Functional Christmas”
“Seven Favorite Health Stories”

Today, on this seventh day, I will highlight seven of my Favorite Health Stories of the Year. There’s a little bit of something for most everyone.

Testing Methylation to Diagnose Autism
(Methylation and other metabolic markers utilized to diagnose Autism)

“While this was not the most surprising research finding for a methylation minded functional doctor like myself, the rewards of reading mainstream research supporting our daily practice always leaves a smile on my face. By using a set of metabolic markers including glutathione and methylation, researchers were able to differentiate autism patients from non-autism patients with about 90% accuracy. I look forward to this panel being advanced as standard testing after they finish refining it.”


Mold Effects on the Immune System
(Immune system chemicals altered by mold exposure in Asthma patients)
“On a daily basis, we help patients with mold exposure toxicity. This means that on a daily basis we hear stories about the huge variety of symptoms attributed to that menacing exposure. Included in those symptoms are respiratory issues. Beyond the simple wheezing associated with mold allergies, the effects of mold on a patient’s breathing produces some of the oddest patterns. This study examined which immune system cytokines (chemical messengers) changed in response to mold exposure.”


Who Should You Fear More? A Virus or a Scientist?
(Scientists can’t run from research finding linking common viruses to Alzheimer’s Disease)
“Other studies have suggested that viral infections might play a role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease. This study found a higher expression of HHV6 and HHV7 viral DNA/RNA in the brains of patients with this debilitating disease. While not a final conviction of these common childhood viruses, the case is mounting for a viral contribution to Alzheimer’s.”


Something is Fishy with this Study
(A visit to an all-you-can-eat fish restaurant might help your kid’s aggressive behavior)
“Medical researchers are searching for insights into the behavior of children and trying to find ways to overcome various behavioral challenges. This study suggested that omega 3 supplementation lowered the aggressive behaviors of children versus those not receiving Omega 3’s. Admit it, you are thinking about serving fish for dinner tonight.”


Neuroinflammatory Biomarkers – They Will Blow Your Mind
(Research is rapidly expanding our understanding of the link between inflammation and neurologic disease)
“The referenced article could engulf hours of your time if you attempt to understand every last minutia. Just read the takeaways in my summary and remember two things: 1) We are wonderfully complex beings and 2) Our brains DO NOT like inflammation.”


Fringe Pediatric Group Announces Concern Over Food Additives Effects on Children’s Health
(Sometimes event the stubborn deniers have to admit that we are poisoning ourselves)
“The American Academy of Pediatrics finally came over to the dark side. They now agree with what the practitioners of Functional Medicine have been faithfully preaching. Food additives should at least be under suspicion if not fully convicted as harbingers of bad health. In this statement, the AAP had to admit that the issue is real and looming.”


Nuggets of Lyme Truth from Mainline Media
(Lyme is rampant, just ask the New York Times and the CDC)
“Just another example of how even the most stubborn deniers of the obvious eventually have to admit that we have a problem. Maybe we should start a club and call it “Conventional Medicine Anonymous” where they can unashamedly admit Functional Medicine practitioners were right.”


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