“Six Gluten-free Go-To’s”

Day 6 of “The 12 Days of a Sanctuary Functional Christmas”
“Six Gluten-free Go-To’s”

For the sixth day of “The 12 Days of a Sanctuary Functional Christmas,” I will share a list of some of my family’s favorite gluten-free options for those times when life is just a little too rushed to worry about absolute food perfection. These “treats” keep us in the ball park while serving the need of the moment to feed the six children clamoring for the next meal. I don’t necessarily recommend frequent indulgence (it can be hard on the pocketbook as well as the body) but we all need a few go-to’s when life requires it.

Please share your favorite go-to’s for those moments when time eludes you. We would love for you to share them with us on our Facebook Post today. Then pass this on to others. Together, we can grow the list beyond six items.

Oh, and for that person with the most re-postings, we will send little something from our list. Enjoy!

1) Cereal – Don’t freak out. It’s ok to eat cereal on an occasional basis (at least for most of us). When its needed, Nature’s Path Mesa Sunrise (GF) with a little non-homogenized milk can do in a pinch. The other option is a homemade granola. We use Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Oatmeal and make our own granola ahead of the morning rush. We use healthy oil and healthy sweeteners (honey or maple syrup) to make a mildly sweet, crunchy, less pricey option for those days when a bowl and spoon is all you have time for.

2) Health Bars – eBars This local company offers a wide variety of both flavors and nutritional formulas. eBars uses an array of nutritional ingredients to augment cognitive and physical performance while offering pleasing options for your taste buds. This is a good go-to for a post-hike treat.

3) Pizza – Pieology – Going gluten free means finding a ton of new recipes and restaurant options. If you are looking for a pizza option, many GF options are now available. While pizza is not the pinnacle of health food, now and then it can be served up as a treat for the family. Pieology in Franklin stands out as one of our favorites. While the kids are pretty set on their pizza topping routine, the adults in the family have many interesting options including non-dairy cheese should this be needed.

4) Drink Options – Kombucha – While naturally gluten free, kombucha has become one of our family’s favorite treat drinks. While the homemade variety is more cost efficient, an occasional bottled brand serves us like a soda would have when I was a kid. It also comes in an endless and expanding variety of flavors which keeps things interesting. Without listing out each family member’s specific flavor of choice, we often divide our brands between Kevita and Bucha. It mainly comes down to flavors in our house. Everyone has their favorite.

5) Salads, Grain Bowls, and Smoothies- If you haven’t tried Grabba Green in the Cool Springs area I highly recommend it. This is a healthy “fast food” joint. The beauty is that this place is entirely gluten free. It is also entirely non-GMO and many things (including the spinach) are organic. You can go with an item on the menu or make up your own recipe from the ingredients on the bar. They make it while you watch and then you get to indulge. YUM!

6) Whole 30—While one in our bunch has sworn against Greek foods, the rest of us love Zoe’s Kitchen. They have a Whole 30 menu as well as gluten free, paleo and keto options listed on the menu so you don’t have to pick apart every item to find the one thing you can eat. This place has a good variety and while we still miss the Pita (can’t help it) their hummus with veggies hits the spot. I think I’m hungry.

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