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Covid and Vitamin D3

“As every potential therapy is being tried against COVID in a widespread rock-paper-scissors game of what can beat COVID, one notable vitamin stands out as a rather consistent winner against COVID 19. “And the winner is Vitamin D3” can be heard nearly every week in various medical research reports. The following studies offer three examples of contests in which D3 bested COVID 19 to some degree. One would think that D3 would be stockpiled and pumped into everyone rather than locking them up in their houses where they cannot get any sunlight, therefore dropping their internal vitamin D production.”


The Mycotoxin Endocrine Axis

“Whether conventional medicine likes it or not, we must recognize a mycotoxin endocrine axis which modulates our hormonal balance. In the endocrine world, we speak the hypothalamic pituitary axis or the hypothalamic pituitary thyroid axis among others. This term, axis, highlights the interplay between the brain (hypothalamus and pituitary) and the given endocrine gland in regulating body functions through the gland’s hormones. Mycotoxins, though coming in as an intruder, interacts in multiple ways with our body function such that it could be called an axis of influence as well.”


“Quercetin finds itself in a number of Sanctuary protocols due to the multiplicity of benefits it has to offer. The natural substance boasts among its most well known functions effects in ameliorating allergies, preventing oxidation of LDL cholesterol, assisting in metal detoxification, and providing anti-oxidant protection. Lesser known benefits include in prostatitis and very mild effects on lowering blood pressure and blood sugar. 2020 has highlighted its anti-viral effects as many use it in COVID 19 protocols.”

Prenatal Brain Inflammation – The Autism Battlefield

“Correlation does not equal causation. We hear that often in medicine. For example, we know there are correlations between maternal illness during pregnancy and autism. We know that these two conditions, maternal illness and infant autism, travel together, but we don’t have a mechanism of action to prove that the former causes the latter. ”

CDC Can’t Operate A Stick Shift

“The long-standing debate between automatics and stick shifts in cars has taken a whole new twist as the nation’s health experts at the CDC can’t seem to choose “drive” or “reverse” as they release guidance on various aspects of their COVID 19 response. Two articles from Medscape highlight this inability to avoid appearing like a 16 year old trying to drive a stick shift for the first time. The car lurches backwards and forwards in fits and starts and loud noises. The CDC likewise has lurched back and forth between different assertions and recommendations. It’s a wonder that we are feeling just like the parent teaching the 16 year old to drive, a little car sick and dizzy.”

Salugenesis (aka Salutagenesis)

“Modern medicine signs its name with “allopathy” when pressed for its roots. Allopathy basically means that we come against disease (pathos). If bacteria invade our body’s sanctuary, we respond with anti-bacterials. If cancer arises, we respond with anti-cancer agents called chemotherapy. This paradigm has served us well for decades in the acute war against disease.”

Series on COVID – Spiritual Truths

“As a break from my series on Proverbs, we take time to remind ourselves of who is in control of COVID. Some believe the elite globalists control this pandemic. Some believe that the media control the narrative. Some believe that it is completely out of control.
Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, reality is still reality. God is in control. He was not and is not surprised by this virus nor its repercussions in society.”

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