Spiritual Depression – Part 4

“Spiritual Depression” By Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Summaries to Encourage, Edify, and Bless

(Recap and Series Introduction: Part 1 | Part 2) | Part 3)

Chapter 4 Mind, Heart, and Will



            Romans 6:17

            Spiritual depression may take many different forms.  This may lead to a lack of recognition when it occurs or even influence its beginnings.  In all of this, we must remember that we are in a spiritual battle.  The devil is trying to destroy all of God’s works, even making him into an angel of light to do so.  One of Satan’s most subtle, yet successful means of harming God’s children. 

            Sometimes spiritual depression results from not seeing the “greatness of the Gospel”.  Some see it only as forgiveness, some as only morality, some as a good thing.  The whole counsel of God must be preached.

            Another error is not recognizing the need to engage the heart, mind, and will.  Some only like Christianity from an intellectual standpoint.  It never seemed to touch their lives and left hem unkind and unapproachable.  At their deaths, the Gospel gave them no peace.  Some are only affected in their hearts by emotional experience.  This is more common than the former.  Some are only interested in a mystical experience. If only the heart is engaged eventually depression will occur. Some take up Christianity only because their wills have been pressed upon.  Ultimately, having even 2 of 3 engaged is not enough. 

            These three must come in right order with truth first.  A Christian should be ready and able to give answers for what they believe.  The Truth will make the unbeliever hate his prior life.  The heart will be engaged by then desiring a new life.  The evangelist must never approach the heart or the will directly but always through the intellect or mind.  However, the evangelist cannot stop there.  The work must go through the entire person. 




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