Take Care With Your Promises

Proverbs 6:1-5


Take care with your promises

The Father turns to advising his son on pledges and promises.  At the heart of this admonition, he tells his son to not bind himself under a neighbor’s future behaviors.  By putting up a security for the neighbor, the son agrees to pay a price should the neighbor not follow through with a commitment.

By calling the neighbor a stranger, the father insinuates that his son cannot know for sure that the neighbor will carry out his pledge and thus leave the son with a price to pay.  The son’s mouth may speak rashly in making such a promise.

Be diligent in avoiding such arrangements and be diligent in closing out such arrangements.  Keep watch until you are freed of the pledge.

While the world considers words to nothing more than uttered sounds, we must recognize our “words” as reflective of our name, our reputation.  In upholding our word and good name, we must keep close watch on making covenants or pledges with others who might bring harm to our good name.  Do not enter contracts, pledges or the like blindly or foolishly.  If you do enter such agreements, watch them closely so they do not bring you harm.

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