The Sour Fruits of Foolishness

Proverbs 5:7-14


The Sour Fruits of Foolishness

The father continues to plead with his sons to listen and to keep listening.  He repeats his warning from previous verses to stay away from the adulterous woman, the one who entices his sons to betrayal.  Do not even go near betrayal or the one who entices it.

The father then paints a picture of the downside of betrayal.  Should his sons choose the foolish path of betrayal, they will face many sour fruits. The honor they might have enjoyed will be given to others.  They will serve years to merciless masters.  Strangers will drain them of strength.  The labor which they are able to accomplish will benefits others.  When the end of life comes, the son who betrays will grain and express great regrets for their foolish choices of their youth.

The betraying son will look back and recognize that “teachers” had warned them years prior.  He will recognize that he betrayed wisdom and suffers for the foolish choice.

We have opportunities today to make wise choices.  We are often offered short term rewards with longer term consequences.  We can consume that which tastes good but degrades our bodies.  We can ignore warnings of today’s wise counselors but will suffer for our negligence.  We can follow the world and foolishness, all the way to our doom.

Or we can listen to wisdom and follow.

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