“Two Gifts in One: A Gift of Infinite Value”

Day 2 of “The 12 Days of a Sanctuary Functional Christmas”
“Two Gifts in One: A Gift of Infinite Value”

“We all recognize Christmas as a season of gift giving. Have you ever stopped to think about the lasting value of the gifts that you give? Often, I have found that the gifts that I gave really don’t seem to hold their value over the long haul. Of note, one survey study noted a lower satisfaction rating for families who emphasized the buying of gifts over other religious activities during the holiday.

Why not give a gift to yourself and to another that will bless both of you? Give a gift of infinite value because it is an investment in another person. Give the gift of time. Yes, this gift requires more of you. It means that you have to take time to listen, take time to share, and take time to build a relationship in a world that values soundbites over discussion and adrenaline rush over meaningful insight. So, on this Day 2 of the Sanctuary Functional Christmas list take the initiative and determine to bless two people – yourself and another – by giving the gift of your time.
Journal of Happiness Studies. December 2002, Volume 3, Issue 4, pp 313–329. What Makes for a Merry Christmas? https://link.springer.com/article/10.1023%2FA%3A1021516410457 Kennon M. Sheldon Tim Kasser

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