Warning Against Betrayal

Proverbs 5:1-6


Warning Against Betrayal

       Again the writer of Proverbs calls his son to attend to a warning.  The message is simple.  While the words of the adulterous woman sound sweet as honey in the beginning, they lead to great bitterness and are sharp like a sword.  They lead to death.

While both the newlywed and the long-term husband can benefit from this warning, we can also apply this to temptations outside of adultery.  We are all daily offered tempting promises of happiness and fulfillment from worldly sources.  Some like mind altering drugs or gambling may seem obviously wrong and easy to resist.  Others, like giving up freedom for the sake of security may seem less dangerous.

Regardless, the whole point of Proverbs, the acquiring and application of wisdom in life becomes very poignant.  We must discern what is temptation that leads to death and what is wisdom leading to life.  Whether we are living for ourselves, for our families, or for the well-being of the nation, we need wisdom to avoid whatever adulterous woman we face.

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