When Life Hands You Lemons…Supplement Routine Advice


Guest Post by Dr. Potter’s Wife

You know the saying, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”  Well, I have mixed feelings about that trite saying.  While it does contain a nugget of truth, it can often be used wrongly and greatly injure someone who at the moment just doesn’t have the ingredients for a fully satisfying, refreshing lemonade.  I guess I would say, eventually the lemons become lemonade (the Romans 8:28 principle) but sometimes the period between lemons and lemonade can be a long one.

Around our place, we are learning that when you don’t have enough sugar yet for a tasty treat, sometimes the best you can do is make the lemon less tart.  Our goal of late has been making lemon water.  The lemonade will have to follow at some later time.

One way we have decided to deal with the lemon of a mold exposure crisis is to slightly lighten the supplement routine.  Sounds like the wrong direction right?  I mean, don’t we need to detox more than ever?  Well, yes and no.  Anyone on the mold detox protocol will tell you it takes a bit of planning and routine to get it all in.  Anyone with multiple people in a family doing the detox thing – especially with children involved- will tell you the routine can become a matter of calculus proportions (at least that’s what it feels like to a non-math person).  Detox needed – yes.  Full detox possible at the moment – no.

So, we have decided that during the removal and clean up disruption of a mold exposure, we can’t really make lemonade.  However, we can decrease the tartness a bit through dilution.  One way to dilute the lemoniness of it all includes taking it easy on the detox routine.

Focus on removal and clean-up of mold spores and toxins in the home

  • Focus on life sustaining medicines (such as insulin)
  • Focus on the MOST important detox supplements
  • Focus on slowly increasing back to full detox mode as environment recovers
  • Focus on spiritual health throughout the process

So, we haven’t made any lemonade around here in a few weeks, but we have gulped down some lemon water.  And that is a huge improvement over sucking on a lemon.

Just a little friendly input.  Always talk to your doctor in deciding which supplements to take during a crisis period.

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    YES!!! This is EXACTLY right!! I am so thankful to see a Dr who sees this and understands that sometimes our bodies can not go for the gusto! We may want to, but it just isn’t the right time yet. Praying for you all as you go through this storm.

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