All the Wrong Ingredients in a Smoothie

This consumer reports article reveals a dark side in supplements, contamination. Our whole world seems caught up in toxins. Why would we be surprised that our protein powders might have some metals or other toxins?

These protein powders originate from plant or animal sources living in those same toxins. They will pick up some toxins and pass them on.

Food: Facts and Falsehoods or Food Discernment

Or Food Epistemology

Once upon a time,  three pigs grew tired of their reputation for being snouts that would eat anything.  The first little pig read a book about organic food and determined that would be the road to good health.  The second little pig read a book about juicing and started juicing everything in sight. 

Sweet Supplements

Numerous supplements are proving to benefit diabetics and pre-diabetics in controlling their glucose control, however a list of supplements which might worsen glucose control garners little press.  Maybe the good guys need to step back for a moment and allow the guilty parties to stand alone in the spotlight.   Let’s take a moment to examine our lineup.

PFC MVP – A New View of Nutrition

At the end of September, I was privileged to attend an AFMCP conference.  This stands for Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice and was hosted by the Institute for Functional Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia.  I wanted to share some of the things I learned and realized during that week.  Not all of the thoughts will be completely organized as I was taking notes while writing these notes for you. 

Blueberries Lower Blood Pressure

The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recently published the results of a study in post-menopausal women with early hypertension. The study provided daily blueberry powder to half the women and after 8 weeks, those receiving the blueberry powder had a statistically significant decrease in blood pressure. For systolic pressure (the top number) it was 7 mm of mercury lower and for the diastolic (bottom number) it was 5.

Eggs and Liver for Breakfast

Just the other day, I asked myself why doesn’t someone come up with a test for choline deficiency. I constantly address this critical nutrient for patients, especially women of child bearing age and especially those with PEMT snps.

Women of child bearing age are at risk of choline deficiency since they give away tons of choline to their infants.