Moldy Thyroid Hormone

Many patients ask how a mold toxin could cause so much trouble in so many body systems?  I greatly enjoy sharing insights with patients, so I could easily get side tracked for hours, but even our prolonged visits in the office have to end so I can see the next patient.  Without going into the detail that the rest of this blog provides,

Biotoxins Besides Mold Include Blue Green Algae in Parkinson’s Disease

Our world is a dangerous place, not only thanks to industrial pollution, but also thanks to the contributions of nature as it fills our world with a variety of chemicals.  While our clinic works with a multitude of individuals affected by mold toxins, we also appreciate those dealing with other biotoxins including those from algae sources. 

The Mycotoxin Endocrine Axis

Whether conventional medicine likes it or not, we must recognize a mycotoxin endocrine axis which modulates our hormonal balance.  In the endocrine world, we speak the hypothalamic pituitary axis or the hypothalamic pituitary thyroid axis among others.   This term, axis, highlights the interplay between the brain (hypothalamus and pituitary) and the given endocrine gland in regulating body functions through the gland’s hormones. 

Airborne Mycotoxins

            As a functional MD caring for a multitude of mold toxic patient, I am frequently fielding the question of “how did I get mold toxins in me?”.  I am also faced with defending this field of mold detox to conventional medicine.  This particular article provides a few answers to how this whole process occurs and leads to patients experiencing multi-symptom,

Just Saying…About Mold

The word is spreading about mold’s effects on health.  Several stories made headlines describing how individuals and groups were affected by mold.  Some were just single moms.  Some were whole dorms full of college students.  If someone asks you how commonly mold affects health or if it is real, share these with them.

Yeasty Beasties and Mold Toxicity part 2 of 2

Reviewing and Summarizing the recent Toxic Mold Summit Session
by Evan Brand, BCHN, DFMP, NTP.   

(Read this blog series’ introduction at very end if you are
catching up. Look for “SERIES INTRODUCTION”)

            Evan Brand,
BCHN, DFMP, NTP provided insights on the connections between mold toxicity and
candida overgrowth during the recent toxic mold summit. 

Navigating a Life of Chemical Sensitivities Part 1 of 2

Mold on wall surface

Reviewing and Summarizing the recent Toxic Mold Summit Session
by  Gail Clayton Pharm.D., M.S.

(Read this blog series’ introduction at very end if you are
catching up. Look for “SERIES INTRODUCTION”)

            Gail Clayton
Pharm.D., M.S. provided insights on the connections between mold toxicity and
multiple chemical sensitivity during the recent toxic mold summit. 

Another Autoimmune Disease Discovered: Narcolepsy

While parents of newborns may sometimes claim to have
narcolepsy, this mysterious disease has presented a challenge to medical
researchers for some time.  Individuals
with narcolepsy experience the frequent and sudden episodes of sleep during
daytime hours.  While sleep deprived
parents of newborns know why they are falling asleep, those with narcolepsy and
their doctors have been left in the dark. 

I Was Wrong About Mold


Okay, I have to admit when I am wrong.  Many times I have said that there seems to be no ill health issue that mold cannot cause.  In digging for any new information on mold toxicity, I ran across this article from 2016.  While even the authors admit that more research could be done to confirm their finding,

When Life Hands You Lemons…Supplement Routine Advice


Guest Post by Dr. Potter’s Wife

You know the saying, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”  Well, I have mixed feelings about that trite saying.  While it does contain a nugget of truth, it can often be used wrongly and greatly injure someone who at the moment just doesn’t have the ingredients for a fully satisfying,

Basic Rules for Enviromental Mold Detox


Basic Rules for Environmental Mold Detox


Receiving a diagnosis of mold toxicity both relieves and overwhelms those already exhausted, confused, and battered by this stealthy enemy.  The diagnosis often concludes months to years of uncertainty, fear, and even shame.  Some have spent countless hours going from one doctor to the next without answers. 

Mold toxins not only trigger a myriad of symptoms, but these symptoms mimic numerous other diagnoses.

Moldy Trail Signs


As a Functional MD who treats mold toxic patients, my middle Tennessee hikes often remind

me of my work with patients in the clinic.  I end up pondering what type of mold is growing on the trail markers and rocks around me.  Thankfully, I can reassure myself that these outdoor growths are not the toxic molds that we need to avoid.