Chaos versus Wisdom

Proverbs Chapter 1:1-7

Life in chaos empties one’s soul whereas wisdom nourishes as it orders and restores. Patients come to our Sanctuary desiring release from chaos’ grip on their health, their lives. Our Sanctuary seeks to serve these good desires through applying wisdom.

How should such a sharing of wisdom from a Christian health provider to a life in the grips of chaos occur in today’s medical office? As verse one insinuates, wisdom passes from one wise person to the next. Solomon learned from David and intends to pass this increase of wisdom on to another generation. In medicine, no one physician knows its all much less even gained everything they do know by self-discovery. We all must stand on the proverbial shoulders of others with humility. As a physician at Sanctuary, I share the tested wisdom of others with humility so that my patients receive a greater restoration than I alone might give them.

The wealth of wisdom includes knowing, understanding, instruction in wise dealing, prudence, discretion and more. While knowing and understanding may provide inward peace to the heart and mind, ultimately wisdom deserves application in actions of wise dealings, guidance for actions, and solving of riddles in life. Likewise, knowing which foods are healthy or which vitamins are deficient may bolster one’s confidence, yet carrying over such wisdom into practice offers our patients a fuller reward. As a physician serving the Great Physician, I desire patients to work out wisdom for their restoration. We must therefore not only teach what is good for their recovery, but how to live out that good.

The law of cause and effect requires that wisdom have a cause, a source from which it flows. Proverbs 1:7 holds nothing back in professing God as the ultimate source of wisdom. At Sanctuary, we humbly acknowledge God as the source of any good we offer to or attain for patients. We ask daily that God use us as his hands and feet in serving the broken lives of our patients. We seek to offer that wisdom in a manner acceptable and receivable. Sometimes this means guiding our patients in small steps they can manage rather than large leaps which leave them hopelessly frozen. This always means taking the time to explain the complexities of their illness so they can understand enough to fight the chaos confronting them.

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