Curcumin: A Scientific Review


        Curcumin rocks as an internet star with several million hits when searched. Even a short review of internet reports would make one think that curcumin is a miracle worker as the sites claim endless benefits for this herbal substance.  While I am glad for anyone or anything to get well deserved attention, like any celebrity status, it has its downside.  Those curcumin naysayers who downplay curcumin’s promises can then point to false claim after false claim rather than look for the golden nuggets of truth.

            This article provides a good overview of several areas where curcumin stands on solid ground by summarizing other research supporting curcumin’s benefits.  Its use in cancer therapy is supported by several articles referenced.  In another section with accompanying citations, curcumin’s anti-inflammatory effects and possible anti-aging effects are described.   Neurodegenerative diseases are covered next.  Then considerations of how curcumin’s anti-microbial properties may be utilized are expounded. Bringing the review to a close, authors discuss attempts at improving curcumin’s absorption for higher efficacy.  Poor absorption in our GI tract serves as a frequent complain by the naysayers.

            Overall, this could serve as a useful single article if you need to convince someone of curcumin’s benefits.  Or you could simply read it and talk yourself into adding curcumin to your own regimen.  Curcumin might be a part of a healthier more abundant life for you. 

Original Article:

Bachmeier, Beatrice E, and Dieter Melchart. “Therapeutic Effects of Curcumin-From Traditional Past to Present and Future Clinical Applications.” International journal of molecular sciences vol. 20,15 3757. 1 Aug. 2019, doi:10.3390/ijms20153757

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