The Call of Wisdom

The Call of Wisdom

Proverbs 1:20-22

At Sanctuary, we strive to be such a voice of wisdom crying aloud in the street. We have studied with an open mind the fields of natural and conventional medicine extensively. We have worked to apply Biblical wisdom in caring for patients rather than simply following the mainstream crowd. We listen to our patient’s stories so that we can apply functional therapies precisely.

In contrast, how long with conventional medicine love its simplicity of prescribing meds for the surfaces of illness? How long will suffering patients keep going back to conventional medicine without success? How long will mainstream medicine ridicule our success where they have fallen short?

One final note: Wisdom speaks at the entrance of the city gates. This is where city leaders met and made judgments. Finding those who have proven themselves leaders leads to more health restoration than the quick fix promises found on internet sites. The wise patient seeks out wise and experienced guidance instead of treating themselves endlessly. At Sanctuary we strive to be such a source of wisdom that others can seek out for guidance.

Sanctuary Functional Medicine, under the direction of Dr Eric Potter, IFMCP MD, provides functional medicine services to Nashville, Middle Tennessee and beyond. We frequently treat patients from Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, and more... offering the hope of healthier more abundant lives to those with chronic illness.

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