When Life Hands You Lemons: Pray like Moses – Psalm 90

by Dr. Potter’s wonderful wife, Jennifer

I don’t know about you but when I read that Moses, “the man of God”, wrote this particular prayer it causes me to take notice (superscript of Psalm 90). What themes does Moses stress in this prayer? A few spring from the page.

Theme One: Transcendence. God is other. He is above His creation, not a part of it. He remains over it not subject to it.
Theme Two: Imminence. God is near to His people and provides protection. God controls the destiny of man. He is not aloof awaiting man’s decisions. In the same vein, man is subject not only to His protection but also to His wrath and judgement (Now, that is not very popular in these modern times).
Theme Three: Mercy. Man is dependent upon the mercy of God. A mercy that teaches man the right way to live. A mercy that brings favor and restoration to those who have been taught by Him.

I am sure there are many more themes to be gleaned from this prayer but for now I will ponder upon these aspects of Moses prayer. He was definitely a man who knew hardship and a man who knew the judgement of God. Yet, he also knew God’s mercy and experienced His glory. In all of this, he was taught of God. He was God’s friend (Exodus 33:11 ESV)
May I learn that whether judgment for my sin or the effects of living in a fallen world, the lemons in my life can be used to teach me to number my days that I may gain a heart of wisdom (Ps. 90:12 ESV).
Please take time to ponder the prayer of Psalm 90 and realize that though hardship may prevail for a season, our God is a merciful restorer. He is in the business of reversing the curse of sin and death. May we learn to pray like Moses for a heart of wisdom that our days may be well spent.

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