CDC, You Scare Me, You Scare Me Not

We live in the year of anxiety, 2020, pondering what 2021 will bring.  Our confidence in experts and the government has taken a huge pummeling.  Then we read the CDC’s documents “Operational Considerations for Humanitarian Settings” (accessed 11/21/2020 at site below).   Yes, we want the government to have a plan for emergencies, but our hair on the back of our necks perks up as we read such plans as these. 

Possible Origins of COVID Long Haulers


COVID-19 offers an endless array of research options as researchers scramble to understand everything from its adaptation in humans to the leftover effects of the disease in what we call “long-haulers”.  This latter topic of “long-haulers” forced upon us by this virus takes center stage in the article of interests as King’s College London researchers believe they can explain why some patients suffer from “long COVID”.

COVID-19 Storm Hit New York Earlier Than Believed

We know definitively that COVID-19 debuted in the United States not as a thunderclap sudden downpour, but entered as thousands of unnoticed raindrops for weeks to months prior to its March 2020 hysteria.  Research like that of Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine continues to confirm this perspective in contrast to the media’s portrayal of the preventable thunderclap which our system failed to avoid. 

COVID 19 and Autoimmune Risks – A Two Way Street


COVID risks and risks of COVID might sum up today’s post, highlighting the possible two-way street between this coronavirus pandemic and autoimmunity diseases.  Two questions have arisen from the COVID 19 pandemic.  First, who is at risk?  Second, after the infection is over what problems are left behind?  Autoimmunity, or the condition where our bodies attack themselves finds itself in the hot seat for both of these critical questions.

Another New Word for 2020 – Syndemic

This year has welcomed a number of new ideas and words to the public’s vocabulary including cytokine storm, lockdown, coronavirus, and now “syndemic”.  Apparently, this word was coined in the 1990’s with the HIV/AIDS crisis, but I had never heard it until today’s article.  We have heard multiple studies highlighting the connection between chronic diseases like diabetes with the severity of COVID infection.