Gingko May Un-sweeten Diabetes

            Where do these left-field crazy researchers come from?  How in the world would an herb like ginkgo biloba have any beneficial effect since we are told repeatedly by pharma world that only drugs work for diabetes?  Hold on!  This research on the benefits of ginkgo in type 2 diabetic rates came from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. 

Genomic Clustering in Type 2 Diabetes

genomic revolution stands eager to answer the age-old medical question, “nature
versus nurture”.  In a sense, we know
that the symptom of disease we see in patients results from both, only with the
advancing technology to sequence DNA have we begun to uncover the genetics half
of the equation.  For chronic diseases
like type 2 diabetes,

Dr. Antibiotic and Mr. Hyde

I grew up in the waning Golden Age of antibiotics.  They had swept onto the medical scene decades before, rescuing lives from previously hopeless infections.  Then they entered more everyday life of strep throats and bladder infections, bringing relief and comfort to many common illnesses.  However, the power and wonder began to wane as resistance began to emerge in many bacteria (causing them to fail in killing bacteria),