Relationship Medicine – Do Relationships Matter?

“Honey, I’m home!”

“Hello dear.  How was your day at work?”

“Good evening. Please tell me your two most important needs for our conversation.  We have a limited time to relate and address those needs.  Some needs may need to wait until tomorrow evening.”

“What are you talking about? 

Oklahoma Senate Passes Direct Primary Care Bill

I just wanted to share a quick post about legislation effecting Direct Primary Care in the state of Oklahoma.   State Senators there passed Senate Bill 560 protecting patients from losing direct primary care membership agreements in the workplace or such agreements from being considered as insurance.  Next it goes to the house.  Rep. David Derby is quoted in the article from as saying,

How Direct Primary Care Meets the Needs of Primary Care Reform

My explanation of how Direct Primary Care can meets the needs of primary care in response to H&HN Daily article

Original Article in Hospitals and Health Networks

While Direct Primary Care (DPC) is not mentioned directly in this article, it is a growing model of care which can meet many of these ten goals.