Possible Origins of COVID Long Haulers


COVID-19 offers an endless array of research options as researchers scramble to understand everything from its adaptation in humans to the leftover effects of the disease in what we call “long-haulers”.  This latter topic of “long-haulers” forced upon us by this virus takes center stage in the article of interests as King’s College London researchers believe they can explain why some patients suffer from “long COVID”.

Another New Word for 2020 – Syndemic

This year has welcomed a number of new ideas and words to the public’s vocabulary including cytokine storm, lockdown, coronavirus, and now “syndemic”.  Apparently, this word was coined in the 1990’s with the HIV/AIDS crisis, but I had never heard it until today’s article.  We have heard multiple studies highlighting the connection between chronic diseases like diabetes with the severity of COVID infection.  

Another Autoimmune Disease Discovered: Narcolepsy

While parents of newborns may sometimes claim to have
narcolepsy, this mysterious disease has presented a challenge to medical
researchers for some time.  Individuals
with narcolepsy experience the frequent and sudden episodes of sleep during
daytime hours.  While sleep deprived
parents of newborns know why they are falling asleep, those with narcolepsy and
their doctors have been left in the dark. 

Brains on fire burn out faster

            A fellow functional MD, Ken Sharlin MD, alerted me to this article on Facebook.  While no surprise to anyone in functional medicine, researchers found that the inflammatory marker, CRP (C reactive protein), correlated with faster cognitive decline in middle age study participants.  The cohort study   group of over 12,000 men and women to note that as the CRP marker rose,

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Dr. Antibiotic and Mr. Hyde

I grew up in the waning Golden Age of antibiotics.  They had swept onto the medical scene decades before, rescuing lives from previously hopeless infections.  Then they entered more everyday life of strep throats and bladder infections, bringing relief and comfort to many common illnesses.  However, the power and wonder began to wane as resistance began to emerge in many bacteria (causing them to fail in killing bacteria),

Oklahoma Senate Passes Direct Primary Care Bill

I just wanted to share a quick post about legislation effecting Direct Primary Care in the state of Oklahoma.   State Senators there passed Senate Bill 560 protecting patients from losing direct primary care membership agreements in the workplace or such agreements from being considered as insurance.  Next it goes to the house.  Rep. David Derby is quoted in the article from HeraldOnline.com as saying,