Pesticide Soup May Be More Toxic

Several headlines keep popping up on my Facebook feed about glyphosate and Monsanto, describing lawsuits and health threats.  Of course, Facebook has studied my interests and understands that I am likely to click on such links.  However, Science Daily has bested Facebook by providing a deeper potential explanation for the detrimental health effects of pesticides. 

New York Homes are Full of Pesticides

Don’t get excited if you live outside New York.  I doubt we in Tennessee or other states are any better off.  This study out of Cornell University just happened to measure pesticide levels in New York state rural homes in order to assess safety for human health.  They examined 350 homes in 6 different counties searching for 15 “potentially toxic pesticides” which are commonly used in nearby agricultural practices. 

Fringe Pediatric Group Announces Concern Over Food Additives Effects on Children’s Health

Just who does this American Academy of Pediatrics thinks they are?  Just because they control board certification for all pediatricians, set the guidelines for pediatric well and sick care, and are the largest influence in mainstream pediatrics does NOT give them the right to make outrageous claim that we in functional medicine have been making for years. 

Alzheimers – Hope Begins with Understanding

Each year hundreds of millions of dollars are being poured into Alzheimer’s disease research and countless families are affected as a loved one begins the apparently irreversible downhill trajectory of this degenerative disease.  Lives are being lost to this relentless thief. Are we any closer to discerning this thief’s entry points? Have we gained insight into how to contain this enemy?