Do Not Be That Man

Proverbs 6:12-15

Do not be that man

We are whole beings of spiritual and physical nature.  The workings of a wicked heart will come out in both word and deed.  The word and deed will bring destruction on the whole person.

As the wicked goes about with crooked speech, he will send signals that further distort truth. He will communicate with other wicked men and multiply the depravity.  No evil will be enough to not want more evil and more discord.

Ultimately calamity will attack.  Brokenness of the wicked person will overtake him.

Know that heart sin will lead to body suffering.  However, also know that body suffering does not confirm the presence of heart sin.  Not all suffering is due to sin, as some is part of God’s discipline to mold us and some is simply the fact of living in a fallen world.  Learn to distinguish the two.

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