You Should Break a Sweat to Check Your Cortisol

We do a lot of adrenal function testing in our functional medicine office.  In order to monitor how a patient’s cortisol goes up and down throughout the day (higher in morning, lower in evening and night hours), we use saliva testing to determine need for therapy.  Between our high cortisol, stressed patients, and our low cortisol exhausted patients, we need to know what we are treating with less guesswork.  If this sweat cortisol test described in this paper works out, the ability to monitor cortisol levels could take a huge leap forward.

By some creativity and basic science, the researchers developed a patch that can measure cortisol levels in your sweat.  They validated the test with other measurement techniques.

While this test is not ready for prime time use, I do look forward to a cortisol patch test to replace the saliva tests. The saliva tests gross some patients out.  Having a simple patch to stick on their arm should simplify patient testing and care.

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