Fountain #1: What’s Wrong?

What’s wrong?

Are we really saving lives if we don’t heal the whole person?

While medicine proclaims many advances in conquering disease, the reality of our failing approach to health care stands behind the smoke and mirrors of technology and public relations strategies.

Though we “save” lives with acute interventions,

Relationship Medicine – Do Relationships Matter?

“Honey, I’m home!”

“Hello dear.  How was your day at work?”

“Good evening. Please tell me your two most important needs for our conversation.  We have a limited time to relate and address those needs.  Some needs may need to wait until tomorrow evening.”

“What are you talking about? 

christian healthcare

Christian Healthcare at Sanctuary – Obamacare Versus Christian Care

Anyone who more than glances at Sanctuary Functional Medicine’s website will notice something peculiar: the blatant Christian nature of what we profess.  This bluntness has provoked both explicit comments to my face and rumors that I only hear second hand.

More than 9 out of 10 express either compliments or gratitude for having a clinic where their Christian values are not only heard but also honored.

Functional Medicine Cardio-metabolic Conference

Technology can be a wonderful thing.  This weekend, live streaming allowed me to attend an educational event in California while sitting in my Tennessee home-office.  The Institute for Functional Medicine organized its first live streaming event for a Cardio-metabolic model in its certification program.  Watching 20 hours of lectures about improving heart health and being able to get up whenever I want to stretch my legs,

Principle Seven: Personalized Care

As should be evident by now, the principles underlying Sanctuary Medical Care and Consulting are not independent from one another, operating without interaction. The seventh principle is no different. It asserts the importance of approaching each patient as an individual. Patient care must be personalized in every way possible. Each person is a unique whole made by God.

Principles Five and Six: Integrative and Functional Medicine

The Christmas season was wonderful, full of joyous memories, but it is time to resume my explanations of the principles behind Sanctuary Medical Care and Consulting. I have discussed the Biblical principles which guide my day to day clinical activities, but will now turn to two principles of medicine which benefit my patients, Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine.

Principle Four: Applying Biblical Worldview In Medicine


Having walked through the first three principles practiced in Sanctuary Medical Care and Consulting, I turn my attention to one that may surprise you in certain ways. If we take the Bible seriously in what it says and consider it as God’s Word, we should apply it 7 days a week, not just in how we worship on Sundays.

Principle 3: Whole-Person Care

In trying to care for a patient’s body, emotions, and spirit, most physicians wander around the proverbial elephant, first palpating a thick leg, next measuring a long trunk, and then listening to who knows where on the elephant’s body. They wonder how this all fits together. They know in their minds that somehow all of this is connected.

Principle Two: Covenantal Medicine

The medical world generally holds to the Hippocratic Oath, an oath passed down from antiquity to which physicians hold themselves in caring for patients. This oath is mostly a good thing, despite its original form swearing to Greek gods, as it elevates several important principles of good medicine. However, Christian medicine cannot rightly conclude with either such an allegiance to Greek gods nor such earthly principles alone.

Soli Deo Gloria: Principle One

“To God alone be the glory” or “Soli Deo Gloria” has been used by the great composers Bach and Handel to emphasize that any honor for their musical work was owed to God rather than to the human composers. Short of miraculous intervention I will never compose something of such grand musical nature nor will I match their level of fame in my own field of medicine.