Is Sub-Clinical Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy Really Sub-Clinical?

By definition, sub-clinical implies that something is “not” causing any noticeable symptoms. Thus the name “sub-clinical hypothyroidism” assumes that a lower than expected thyroid function causes no problems for an individual person in that category.  In reality, a “sub-clinical” state stands out as more of a burglar in a pitch black room.  Just because we do not immediately “see” the burglar does not mean he or she cannot harm us. 

What do your baby’s poop and their brain talk about?


Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall of some conversation, listening in?  Well, researchers are trying to do just that as your sweet little baby’s poop sends messages to his or her developing brain.

Research methods over recent decades have allowed scientists to “see” so many more bacteria in our guts and how they interact with our bodies.