COVID and Vitamin D3


As every potential therapy is being tried against COVID in a widespread rock-paper-scissors game of what can beat COVID, one notable vitamin stands out as a rather consistent winner against COVID 19.  “And the winner is Vitamin D3” can be heard nearly every week in various medical research reports.  The following studies offer three examples of contests in which D3 bested COVID 19 to some degree.

Sports Drinks And Breast Cancer


Sports Drinks And Breast Cancer

Sometimes the weirdest discoveries pop up on my news feed.  In this case researchers found that a common dietary supplement called cyclocreatine could inhibit the growth of drug resistant HER2-positive breast cancer tumors in mice.  These human tumors had been grafted onto the mice for testing of therapies against their drug resistance. 

Sweet Supplements


Numerous supplements are proving to benefit diabetics and pre-diabetics in controlling their glucose control, however a list of supplements which might worsen glucose control garners little press.  Maybe the good guys need to step back for a moment and allow the guilty parties to stand alone in the spotlight.   Let’s take a moment to examine our lineup.