Proverbs: Seeing Clearly

Proverbs 7:10-20

The author of Proverbs continues to describe the seduction of sin using the adulteress as the prime temptress.  Seductive speech and smooth talk make the temptation appear much more appealing and pleasurable.  “All at once” indicates a sudden “giving in” to the seduction, a dropping of the guard.  The strong ox is then led to its slaughter.  The mighty stag remains trapped until the moment the arrow pierces its organs.  The free flying bird swoops into the snare.  None realize the price they will pay when they choose to follow the temptation. 

In contrast the father figure of Proverbs urges his son to listen now while there is opportunity to resist.  The father lays before his son the reality of what happens when others have followed the temptress.  The former victims were blind to what lay in the path of following the way of pleasure.   

We too have the opportunity to choose health.  We too have the opportunity to warn others from following unhealthy patterns in life.  The fallen world still hides its poisons wrapped in layers of seeming ease and seeming pleasures.  We must learn to recognize to where a path leads before following it to our demise.  We must share the wisdom with others so they too avoid such fates.

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