RECOVERING FROM MOLD TOXICITY – Mold Symptoms Treatment Guide

We are thrilled to share our new Sanctuary Mold Guide: A Primer with those who are suffering from mold toxicity. While the full guide is available on its own website or to our patients (extended version), you can read a portion here.  We hope this work contributes to your living a healthier more abundant life.

  • Systematic Processes Alongside Individualized Consideration

While we adapt our patient care to the unique individual before us, we do work in systematic fashion in order to best cover the spectrum of needs mold toxicity creates.

  • Real Time Monitoring for Personalized Adjustments to Therapy

As we walk through the process, we use our portal messaging system to closely monitor for changes in symptoms or labs.  We can adjust the patient’s treatment course in a timely manner. From beginning to end, no two mold toxicity therapy programs end up exactly the same.

  • Medical Expertise Plus Whole Person Consideration

At Sanctuary, we are aware that the whole person needs restoration.  The body, mind, and spirit require careful attention in order to heal from this disabling disease.  While we focus on medical expertise, we also consider the interplay between all areas of a patient’s life and work to address the needs as we are able.

Overall, we have found that combining these principles leads to a greater level of restoration.

Go see the full guide here or stay tuned next week for another excerpt from the Mold Guide! 

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    L. Young

    Hello I am in Cincinnati. I would like to know if you can test for biotoxins and for mycotoxins as I have been exposed to toxic mold. I know this. I have a laundry list of symptoms. I am living in subsidised housing in a nice area of town. I did heavy manual labor for a living but because I didn’t pay into ss and am disabled, I am living on less than 800. per month but have Medicare and Medicaid. I had hurt my back and have several slipped discs. If you do not accept my insurance, please enlighten me on the cost of testing so I can make an appointment to see you and at least get tested. I have exhausted all avenues here with many doctors but I remain ill even after the main mold remediation has taken place. I need help with this problem and simply cannot find a Dr who can even test.

    1. Dr. Potter
      Dr. Potter

      Yes, we do biotoxin and mycotoxin testing. However, we are not in any insurance network and they rarely cover all the tests anyway. You may want to look at as a way to crowdsource funding for alternative medicine therapy.

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