The Path to Plenty

Proverbs 3:9-10

The Path to Plenty

Our society values prosperity. This is not inherently bad as prosperity provides a foundation for health and enjoyment of life. The path to prosperity is viewed from a positive light in these verses while other verses describe the fruits of pursuing prosperity wrongly.

At Sanctuary, we want to honor God with our produce. We strive to produce health in our patients for their blessing and for glorifying God. God’s glory first comes as the patients give thanks to Him for working through us. Then that glory can be magnified if the patient stewards the newly regained health to carry out God’s calling in their lives. Their regained ability to be a better father, husband, Christian, or worker in their occupation multiplies the glory God receives.

We begin with acknowledging God as our Lord and the true source of healing for our patients. We work according to His prescribed ways in the Bible. We regularly ask Him to use us as His hands and feet. We point patients to Him as worthy of gratitude when they find restoration. This is our path to prosperity. We seek to honor Him and expect His ongoing provision to do this work.

Sanctuary Functional Medicine, under the direction of Dr Eric Potter, IFMCP MD, provides functional medicine services to Nashville, Middle Tennessee and beyond. We frequently treat patients from Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, and more... offering the hope of healthier more abundant lives to those with chronic illness.

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