Eat Your Broccoli!

            Mom was right about eating your veggies.  In this case, she probably had no idea that Indole 3 Carbinol (I3C) from broccoli might slow the growth of cancer cells, at least in lab animals.  Or maybe your mom was a functional medicine type who already knew the benefits of healthy eating for cancer and hundreds of other health conditions. 

The Thievery of Leukemia


The concept of cancer cells living off sugar has grown in recent years from just a functional medicine legend into mainstream science.  Apparently, cancer does more than just grab a few morsels of glucose from the bloodstream like other cells.  Scientists uncovered mechanisms by which mouse leukemia cells diverted glucose away from the body’s other cells,

Sports Drinks And Breast Cancer

Sports Drinks And Breast Cancer

Sometimes the weirdest discoveries pop up on my news feed.  In this case researchers found that a common dietary supplement called cyclocreatine could inhibit the growth of drug resistant HER2-positive breast cancer tumors in mice.  These human tumors had been grafted onto the mice for testing of therapies against their drug resistance.