Good Night Gut


            Correlations between poor sleep and gut bacteria have intrigued medical scientists for years, but the mechanism connecting the two had not been discovered.  Researchers from Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown in Lisbon, Portugal may have uncovered one of the potential links in a recent study published in Nature.  A particular immune cell called group 3 innate lymphoid cell (ILC3) which were already known to modulate metabolism,

Pump up Your Gut Bacteria


Why am I so surprised?  Scientists are constantly discovering new connection between our gut bacteria and other body functions outside the gut.  In this case, I am so looking forward to a fuller understanding of how gut bacteria appear to effect muscle strength in older adults. 

In a recent study, Tufts University researchers found that the gut bacteria of more active older adults differed from those who were more sedentary. 

Viral Contributions to IBS

Epidemiological studies either peer back into time looking for patterns or arrange monitoring of future variables looking for the same patterns.  Data is analyzed and … sometimes nothing.  When a pattern does arise out of the fog, they then have to go searching for biological links.  Patterns may only indicate correlation but not causation,

What do your baby’s poop and their brain talk about?


Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall of some conversation, listening in?  Well, researchers are trying to do just that as your sweet little baby’s poop sends messages to his or her developing brain.

Research methods over recent decades have allowed scientists to “see” so many more bacteria in our guts and how they interact with our bodies.

How do functional MD’s study autism?


Autism – its one of the day’s great debates.

Many spend their time arguing about whether vaccines or some toxin has created the epidemic. Others search for the magic gene convinced that genetics or epigenetics can explain it all. None of these avenues are wrong or fruitless as understanding origins may lead to therapies.