Lyme on the Move

Sometimes researchers reveal background facts more intriguing than the mundane discovery which they publish in the headline, as this article about the spread of Lyme disease demonstrates. Their headline proclaims a model to predict where Lyme disease will next arise within our nation which might make you think “duh!”.
In comparing the records of 1992 until recent years with the topographical maps of areas,

Lyme Fights Back

            As we treat many patients at Sanctuary Functional Medicine for Lyme disease, everyone wants to know why Lyme is so hard to kill or at least why they have to take so many therapies to kill it.  We educate on biofilms and the various forms of Lyme present in our bodies.  The biofilm serves as a protective layer under which they hide. 

Tick Taxis Have Room For More Than One Passenger


    Lyme would appear to be the only tick taxi passenger of which we should we wary if judged by social media and news outlines.   As a functional medicine doctor, I do appreciate the heightened awareness of Lyme disease so that more of the undiagnosed can finally get answers.  However, let us know ignore the fact that ticks serve as able taxis for other bacterial and viral infections. 

Nuggets of Lyme Truth from Mainline Media


A Functional MD like myself has to keep his eyes open for nuggets of patient benefiting wisdom wherever it might be discovered.  Usually, these nuggets are dug up from online scientific journal searches where thousands and thousands of articles are available to announce the latest discoveries about health.  In this case, the nugget comes from the New York Times of all places.