Pesticides found to increase children’s blood pressure

News of pesticide effects on human health have littered the internet and social media.  For some time, but the number grows each year.  This study by researchers at the University of California San Diego, found increases in children’s blood pressure associated with pesticide exposure. 

They took advantage of Mother’s Day pesticide use in Ecuador,

Children’s Lives Impacted by Early Life Adversity

Our fallen world provides numerous examples of how adversity can impact our health.  None of you need convincing of that reality and therefore this study appears bland at first.  But read a little further and you will see that the researchers uncovered effects on children’s executive functioning and changes in stress hormones.  They found measurable effects in the daily cortisol levels that varied in response to the children’s stress levels.

ADHD Meds and Increased Depression

            Today’s medical headlines blast us with tantalizing half-truths, tempting us to click their link only to discover the other half of the truth is not so exciting as the first.  In the case of finding a link between increased methylphenidate (ADHD medication for children) use and increased anti-depressant use years later, the headline could read “ADHD Meds Cause Depression” but this would be misleading. 

Bullies Can Shrink Kid’s Brains

Patients often ask whether their stress might be directly changing them physically;  I always answer yes, and describe how our emotional and spiritual state interlaces with our physical condition.  While they may be apparently distinct, both play an integral role in both good and bad health. Because of this, we at Sanctuary always pay careful attention to both as we care for their health needs.

Brainwave Biomarker to Diagnose Autism?

Rather than waste time debating whether or not Autism has increased or is just more frequently reported, more fruit will result from studies like this one by researchers at Kanazawa University in Japan.  As the numbers of children diagnosed with autism rises faster and faster, Kyung-min et al chase a non-invasive test for diagnosing this debilitating childhood developmental disorder. 

Fringe Pediatric Group Announces Concern Over Food Additives Effects on Children’s Health


Just who does this American Academy of Pediatrics thinks they are?  Just because they control board certification for all pediatricians, set the guidelines for pediatric well and sick care, and are the largest influence in mainstream pediatrics does NOT give them the right to make outrageous claim that we in functional medicine have been making for years. 

Testing Methylation to Diagnose Autism


I know I will hear from a number of my patient’s parents when this leaks out.  I suspect that many will begin with “I knew it all along”.  In this article, researchers describe their process for using 24 different metabolite markers in an algorithm to separate autism from non-autistic children.  These markers primarily focus on methylation and transulfuration.