Biotoxins Besides Mold Include Blue Green Algae in Parkinson’s Disease

Our world is a dangerous place, not only thanks to industrial pollution, but also thanks to the contributions of nature as it fills our world with a variety of chemicals.  While our clinic works with a multitude of individuals affected by mold toxins, we also appreciate those dealing with other biotoxins including those from algae sources. 

Brain Over Fire

We are truly a whole person.  Functional MD’s like myself recognize how our body, minds, and spirits interact even though we don’t always understand fully the mechanisms.  Still, we appreciate when studies support what we practice on a daily basis.  This study looked at how cognitive behavioral therapy could lower inflammation and affect inflammatory messengers of our immune system.

Don’t Give your Inflammasomes any Matches

Anyone found to be unaware of the tight connection between inflammation and dementias like Alzheimer’s and Fronto-Temporal Dementia needs remedial neurology classes if they intend to practice medicine in the 21st century. Countless studies underscore the correlations between higher inflammatory states and dementia, but we need more studies like today’s spot-light on the role of inflammasomes in amyloid beta and tau pathology to explain how it works.

It Ain’t That Simple: Autism

I constantly tell my patients that if their illness were so simple to have one simple “cause” then someone else would have already “fixed” it for them. We have all grown up in a world of medicine where the one-cause-one-disease model has prevailed leading us to all stumble when real life and its illnesses are not that simple.

The Genomics of Long-Term Memory

            The brain
and especially its memory function have long fascinated mankind.  Its capacity to remember facts, events, and
more has remained a challenging mystery despite countless attempt to probe the
process.  As a listened to a genomics
podcast by Illumina called, Illumina Genomics on iTunes, Dr. Ted Abel at the
University of Iowa discussed his team’s research into how our brains retain
long-term memories using acetylation and epigenetics. 

Brains on fire burn out faster

            A fellow functional MD, Ken Sharlin MD, alerted me to this article on Facebook.  While no surprise to anyone in functional medicine, researchers found that the inflammatory marker, CRP (C reactive protein), correlated with faster cognitive decline in middle age study participants.  The cohort study   group of over 12,000 men and women to note that as the CRP marker rose,

Bullies Can Shrink Kid’s Brains

Patients often ask whether their stress might be directly changing them physically;  I always answer yes, and describe how our emotional and spiritual state interlaces with our physical condition.  While they may be apparently distinct, both play an integral role in both good and bad health. Because of this, we at Sanctuary always pay careful attention to both as we care for their health needs.

What do your baby’s poop and their brain talk about?


Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall of some conversation, listening in?  Well, researchers are trying to do just that as your sweet little baby’s poop sends messages to his or her developing brain.

Research methods over recent decades have allowed scientists to “see” so many more bacteria in our guts and how they interact with our bodies.