Interpretive Genetics Program (Official)

Interpretive Genetics Program

We dig deep to UNLOCK your genetic code.

Don’t settle for a quick, superficial, and ultimately unfruitful genetic interpretation by just anyone.

The hallmark of the functional medicine approach is to understand the underlying factors of a patient’s health. In the Diagnostic Genetics Program, we begin with our intensive Functional MD approach and finish with an in-depth genetic evaluation.  While other reviews of your genetic data scratch the surface, we dig deep to determine how your genetics may be affecting your health.

For those who want to go the farthest in understanding their genetics, we access exome sequencing with partner companies. Exome sequencing examines millions of DNA bases versus 20 to 30 thousand with companies like 23 and Me.  Either way, we help you unlock your genetic code.

No lab testing will be performed in this process although we can review past testing.  You will leave with a online accessible report concerning your genetics.  Should you want to continue with a full consult, you may convert to the Comprehensive Consultation Program.

Sample SNPs that we will address:


  • PEMT

  • NAT2 and PON1 for Detox

  • CYP Cytochromes for Detox

  • Methylation Cycle

  • Cardiovascular Risk

  • Cancer Risks

  • APOE and other Alzheimers Risk

  • COMT

  • Hormone SNPs

  • Neurotransmitter SNPs

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